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About the company

Mission, objectives and tasks for the company "EVITTA"

The mission of the company is to satisfy the needs of the consumers of best-quality sanitation and hygienic products.

The main objective is to take over a maximum possible share of the domestic market and to win recognition as a brand symbolizing quality, cleanness and comfort.

In order to fulfill this objective the company has set forth the following main tasks:

  • expansion of the distribution network
  • expansion and renovation of the advertising campaign
  • introduction of new pricing policy
  • enlargement of the product assortment, improvement of the quakity of the articles offeres and new look of the design of packaging

What needs will the company satisfy?

"EVITTA" will satisfy various needs for sanitation and hygienic materials to be used by several groups of people: women, mothers with young children, elderly people or ill people abed.

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The company operates on the Bulgarian market since 10.12.1999. The company produces and imports a broad range of sanitary pads, handkerchiefs, diapers for babies, diapers, pads, swaddling clothes and pads for adults.

The company aims to optimally satisfy the demands of the Bulgarian market for such products and win recognition as the best producer of ladies' sanitary pads in Bulgaria. To fully respond to the needs and the desires of its clients, the company imports products of Italian companies offering high-class contemporary products.

The products of "EVITTA" are packed in self-owned storage premises situated in Sofia. The company intends to expand its activity and to set up storage facilities in different key regions of Bulgaria so as to optimize its distribution network.